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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 04/09/21

The flowers are blooming, and my allergies are all fired up. Let's get moving.


At the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, we had light attendance due to the holiday, so we swerved from our normal curriculum and spent some time working on gun disarms. Fun little diversion!

At the Presas Arnis class at Elite Dragon, we moved back into double stick, and since the class was full of newbies, we concentrated on sinawali (mostly single sinawali and variants thereof), making sure to emphasize all the basic stuff we like to get out of the drill (I wrote about that HERE and HERE).


Thursday: Stick Tricks

Come join us on our MeWe page, on Tumblr and Pinterest! There is a Facebook page, but I'm no longer updating it. They got rid of analytics tools, which doesn't bode well for small page owners like me anyway.


My teacher, Mark Lynn, will be teaching three kobudo forms at Elite Dragon on Friday, May 14 and Saturday, May 15. Of course I'll be there. He's going to join us at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup on Sunday, May 16, as well.

In June, come join me *and* Mr. Chick by attending this seminar!

We are very close to our big-time Kansas City seminar announcement, but until it's finalized, I can't say anything. I can't wait to tell y'all, though!

The martial arts world has a month of pent-up energy that seems ready to explode - I think we're all gonna be super busy!


My first COVID-19 shot wasn't bad at all. Just had a bruise-like feeling in my arm for a few days, no biggie. I'm getting my second one in a couple of weeks. I will say, the inoculation process my county organized was literally the best run governmental anything I've ever seen, and it was manned mostly by volunteers too.

It was impressive, gotta say.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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