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Stick Chicktivity - 08/20/22

Ok, I'm going with a new title and format here.

I decided that some weekends it's super hard for me to issue "Stick Chicktivity", so I'm only going to do this kind post when 1) something interesting happened or 2) When there's news re: the blog or myself I should talk about.

THUS, while the image will say "My Week in the Martial Arts", it's more like "What happened since the last time I wrote a Stick Chicktivity post".

Got it?

Coolio. Let's dive in.


Classes as normal at Kindred Protective Arts. Our family class has gotten too big for our mat so we are expanding the program into "A" and "B" tracks/classes so we can get more room for all the students. That's going to start in September.

As I talked about how cool it is to HAVE seniors in a post (See "Finally!" below), we are finalizing the Advanced class schedule which will also start in September.

Busy with the school, busy on the mats. Always nice to have that going on.


In case you missed them, here's the new & the re-runs I posted on the blog and in social media since the last update:



Y'all seemed to like these memes I shared:

It wasn't intentional, but looks like I had a theme going...


Gene Lebell passed away. Terrible blow to the martial arts world and he'll be missed.


Going to a Chiefs preseason game today with friends. I teach on Saturdays but I now have seniors who can cover a class now and then so I get to go. Yay!

Planning is in the works to go to Arkansas over Labor Day weekend to dig for crystals. Yes, big ol' quartz crystals, right out of the dirt. As a lover of shiny rocks, this is going to be super fun trip.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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