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Stick Chicktivity - 08/06/22

This is the first "Stick Chicktivity" update in months, y'all! So let's start off fresh.

Here's how my week in the martial arts went - how was yours?


I spent last weekend at Kapatiran Mandirigma camp training with several students from our school, Kindred Protective Arts, my teacher Mark Lynn & his latest black belt Paul Soucy (who started training waaaaaaay back in the day with us at Mid-Cites Arnis) from Hidden Sword Martial Arts, and a ton of my brother and sister Arnis players from all over the country. We got super lucky as the weather was really pleasant for the sessions we spent outside.

Mr. Chick & I both had teaching sessions (he did stick catching & hitting, I taught the basics of a right-on-right tapi-tapi pattern), and we learned TONS we're taking back with us to KPA classes.

Fantastic weekend of training. This picture is of the Saturday participants.

Other than that, we had KPA Family & Adults Presas Arnis on Tuesday, Weapons & Adults Presas Arnis on Thursday, we helped manage karate classes on Monday & Wednesday. A "normal" week for us!


This week's #tbt: We Are The Tribe

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I thought this turned out cool - yep, that's me. Shared this on KPA's Facebook and Instagram.


It's my birthday this week! I'll be spending the day at Chiefs Training Camp up in St. Joseph, but other than that, it'll be a normal week.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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