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The Absence... Is Over!

Well, hey there, y'all!

I feel the need to explain where I've been and what's been going on.

Long story short, I took a new job that required about 90% of my creative and active mind & energy. That left 10% for our martial arts school, and 0% for anything else.

The blog being part of "anything else".

I've written this blog since 2013 and I've said A LOT of what I wanted and needed to say about the martial arts world, my personal training experience & journey, and observations on this crazy little hobby of ours. Coming up with new fresh content that isn't just a rehash of things I've said before was causing a massive case of writer's block on top of everything else.

So, no energy for it plus writer's block equaled break from blogging.

Things have changed dramatically in the past few months. Not only do I have the energy and time to return to the blog, but also the writer's block is clearing up quite a bit.

I'm finally ready to start writing again! I'm working on a bunch of posts, and this'll be the new publishing schedule:



STICK CHICKTIVITY (round-up of stuff I saw & did in the martial arts) : Saturdays

So yep, the Stick Chick Blog officially returns from hiatus as of now.

If you have a topic you want me to write about, or a question you want to ask, or some cool martial arts content you want to be sure I see, you can email me at TheStickChick23 at gmail dot com, OR you can message me/tag the blog on Instagram or Facebook (yes, I'm greatly curtailing my social media presence - my time is still pretty limited and I can only do so much).

I hope to start a monthly email update for this blog, so if you're not subscribed to the blog, please do!

So, to tide you over until things get back to the new normal around here... enjoy!

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