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Quick February Update

I know, I know, I'm not writing much.

Truth be told, I have a pretty big-time writer's block going on.

And then I started a new job, got sick with COVID and I've been in isolation for a couple of weeks now...

Yeah, fun times, y'all. Fun times.

So, just a quick update on a couple of items.

I did a podcast with long-time friend of this blog Andrea Harkins for her podcast, "The Martial Arts Woman". It came out this week. You can listen here:

For those of you who missed it, we also did a podcast back when my school opened with Dean Franco of FMA Discussion. You can listen/watch here:

Speaking of our school, we are growing slowly and surely, and we added a karate program in January that we are very excited to get off the ground. Make no mistake, Arnis is still the majority of what we teach and do, but the opportunity to add a really great karate program just couldn't be passed up.

So the joint is a'jumpin', even if I can't be there in person for the time being.

So just checkin' in. Y'all be good now, ok?

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