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Wow, 2 Months Goes By Fast!

I did not intend to be on a hiatus this long, I really didn't.

Here's the thing, though... writing a blog, and keeping it going, year after year, is more than just "I have some good ideas, and I gotta write 'em down and share 'em with the world".

At least it is for me.

I was able to post nearly daily in one way or another since December 2013 because I had a process, and a routine. I had reserved specific windows of time, and developed daily habits all around writing this blog.

Things have NOT been routine for the past three months.

Hence, the blog became "I'll get to it tomorrow" versus "Get up, get ready, write, go to work" as it's been years.

"I'll get to it tomorrow"... and now it's months later.

I've actually had several posts in production, but writer's block and lack of routine has made none of it gel. If you don't write/blog on the regular, you know how frustrating that is.

Funnily enough, the constraints of time seem to help me when it comes to writer's block, and I haven't had that schedule to help me.

Y'all, I never intended to let the blog go without posting this long. Honestly, I love having this outlet, and I love the relationships I've made doing this.

This experience shows me how really prolific blogs just... stop... like this one did.

I'm not going to let the blog peter out - when the day comes I stop writing this blog, I'll make an actual decision, announce it, and maybe hold a wake/party in its honor.

That day is FAR AWAY.

So, since we are quickly approaching the 8th anniversary of the blog and I do not want to kill it, it's time to knuckle down, establish a new routine, and get back in the habit.

Can't end 2021 without the Stick Chick Blog, can we?

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