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What I'm Doing in 2020

It's 2020. Twenty-twenty.

Man, can you believe we're in a post-"Blade Runner" world? I'm kinda disappointed we don't have flying cars, but I'm ok with not having the rest of that flick.

Although I sure wouldn't mind having a young Rutger Hauer around...

Can we just agree that any human-looking robots we create will look like him? Pretty please?

So here's what I plan to do in 2020:


Right now, I have the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup on Sundays, and I have Presas Arnis class at Elite Dragon Martial Arts on Mondays.

I sure would like to add another class somewhere else in the city on another day of the week. Or even two. One in the middle of my city, and one in the southern part of my city. That'd mean there'd be SOME place to learn Presas Arnis in the KC metro area in each major part four times a week. I have to work this around Younger Daughter's martial arts schedule (remember, it's a family thing), but I think it can be done!

Mr. Chick and I are also working on ways to get the Pacific Archipelago Concepts (PAC) and Force Necessary: Knife out there in a regular class, too, but in a different format than Presas Arnis. This is still in development, and it's tough with Mr. Chick's work schedule, but it's something we'd really like to get off the ground, too.

In a couple of weeks I will be teaching at the Partnership of Women's Martial Arts symposium in Tampa, FL. I am SUPER EXCITED about this. I have some cool and practical material planned to teach, and I can't wait to try the other instructors' sessions!

Me teaching Presas Arnis at Elite Dragon. We like to hit stuff :)


We are working on organizing HAPA 3 here in Kansas City in a few months, which is always exciting and a fun time. I'm hoping I can just train and not teach at these, because I get so much out of them.

I am definitely going to Texas in April to attend the World Modern Arnis Alliance Texas Camp. I'm really hoping to bring some Kansas Citians with me - it'll be a very fun trip.

I have a feeling I'll find reasons to get back to Texas one more time this year to train outside of that camp I just mentioned. And we're working on a possibility of a summer training session for everyone who trains with/under my teacher for a weekend, possibly in Oklahoma in June.

Speaking of my teacher, Mark Lynn at Hidden Sword Martial Arts, I am hoping that he can come visit KC again very soon. I need to make sure I'm up to speed on some of the material he's adjusted in his curriculum (especially the staff material he's added). And I just want to be a student again for a while.

Finally, I'm keeping my eyes open and saving for one more big Arnis training trip in 2020 outside of Texas. Not sure where it will be yet. I'm also saving to try to go to the Philippines in 2021 so I have to keep that goal in mind, but I'd like one more training opportunity outside of my KC and Texas stomping grounds this year.

My teacher and I at the 2019 WMAA Texas Camp. This is one of my favorite pictures of us.


I haven't got any plans to pick up full-time training in something other than Arnis this year. Not that it won't happen, necessarily, but other obligations and my goals for Arnis just don't make that seem like it's in the cards this year.

You never know, though, so I'll keep my eyes and ears open. If a seminar opportunity pops up, I'll probably take it.


I'll still be here, writing about my martial arts life, sharing cool stuff on my social media channels, hoping to keep you entertained, engaged, thinking, and training. I'll do my best, y'all.

So what are your Martial Arts plans for 2020? Are you testing for your next rank? Starting a new class? Going somewhere cool to train with someone awesome? Let us know in the comments!

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