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Return Of The Chick (Again)

I'm baaaaack.

Long story short, the surgery on my right shoulder didn't end up being as extensive as originally planned. I got tears fixed, a spur removed, and some inflammation treatment to the bicep tendon that apparently involved burning stuff(!!).

I have three small but noticeable scars on the shoulder now.

That means my recovery will be a lot faster than I'd believed, and I am not completely out of training. I'm able to do stuff with my left hand, at least, and while I can use my right arm some, it tires out very quickly and there is a big-time decline in strength, as expected.

Physical therapy is demanding, tiring, and going well, and my therapist says I'm ahead of the game in terms of range of motion and flexibility.

The hardest part right now is the tiring part - using that shoulder gets overwhelming FAST. The pain sucks but isn't terrible.

Hopefully, the surgery will do what it is supposed to do, and the PT will do what it's supposed to do, and in maybe a few months I'll be back to where I was before all this got started a couple of years ago.

I am still keeping my martial arts training plans outside of what we're doing here in KC to a minimum. I want to fully recover and I know me - I'll be too tempted to push it when I shouldn't, so I am staying put until at least November.

I mean, you don't hang out in donut shops when you have an addiction to sugar and an allergy to wheat and expect willpower to do the work, do you?

But November is possible, whereas before the surgery, I was pretty sure I was out for the rest of the year and maybe even into early 2022.

I have some other stuff cooking I'll tell you guys about very soon - it's super-exciting - but for now, your 17th favorite martial arts blogger is back in business.

Expect this blog to return to its normal schedule of posting 1 fresh post a week (if I can get it together), sharing a bunch of others, and rounding up stuff on Fridays.

It's great to be back!

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1 Comment

Dan Anderson
Aug 10, 2021

Welcome back!

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