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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 3/13/20

Things are getting... interesting... y'all.

Let's do this.


I had to make a quick trip to St. Louis over the weekend so I missed the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup. I'm sorry I missed our new person who joined us, and I'm looking forward to getting more acquainted this weekend!

At Presas Arnis class on Monday at Elite Dragon, we worked through some concepts riffing off of the techniques they're to know for the next rank level. Playing with the idea of double stick-to-empty hand, and double-stick to single stick, all doing the same thing. Very fun class, and they're progressing nicely as we approach a new rank.


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It's the most fun I have with my clothes on.

Some of you are laughing because you've seen other people do this. And some of you are honest and laughing because it's YOU.


St. Pat's is canceled in Kansas City (never thought I'd see the day), Older Daughter's school is canceling classes, and Younger Daughter's might do the same any day now, and sports leagues and mass gatherings of all kinds are being shut down.

I hope you stay safe during these trying times.

Train as much as you can, and have fun (it's more important than it's ever been).

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