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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 08/23/19

Welllll... that's not good. Gimme a minute; I'll explain.


As Doctor's orders for my shoulder are to take it super-easy, I have been taking a short break.


Elite Dragon Martial Arts had their 1 year anniversary celebration and we did a little Arnis to showcase the new Monday Night Presas Arnis class that starts on September 9. So I did bang sticks a little. (Yep, I paid the price).

I was not at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup on Sunday - I have a hard time being around Arnis and not playing a little and the festivities from the prior day made it a no-go.

Still, even with all the rest, the shoulder isn't really better, I asked the doc to schedule that MRI. 😒

And that's what's not so good.


Monday: ASSumptions

Note: Wednesday's post wasn't complete with all the links to the video footage to the Professor Remy Presas demo. I've gotten it updated with all links to the source material at the Masters of Tapi-Tapi Facebook page in that post, so go check it out.

Be sure to look for the Stick Chick Blog on your favorite social media channels - that includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, MeWe, and Pinterest.

I also updated this site with a new page: Train with the Stick Chick. Wanna train with me? That page is how you can make it happen.


Someone pointed out this image is a photoshop. That someone is NO FUN AT ALL.

If it lasts longer than that, maybe you aren't doing it right (or neither of you are serious about it)...


Lots of martial arts stuff going on this weekend, so OF COURSE I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DO MUCH because of my stoopid shoulder.

My teacher and many other friends and training partners and instructors are up in Buffalo New York at the World Modern Arnis Alliance Instructor's Camp this weekend. Since I couldn't go, I'll be hanging out with friends coming into town (and maybe working some left-hand stuff 😁) for the Elite Martial Arts Seminar over on the Kansas side of town.

I have conflicting potential plans for Sunday so we'll see how the shoulder is doing before I decide for sure if I'm going to the Meetup or not.

Y'all get busy, keep training, stay safe and HAVE FUN.

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