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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 07/26/19

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Technology problems abound this week, but I'm BAAAAACCCKKK.


My teacher Mark Lynn came into town last Friday night. I am so grateful he has the ability to come to me every so often.

While I took Younger Chicklet to martial arts class, Mr. Chick and my teacher attended a seminar focusing in on forms - especially kobudo forms - with Hanshi Greg Lindquist of Zensekai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei. After we all got back, we trained with our teacher on some drills and showed him some stuff we'd seen and done since we saw him last, then we ended the evening working on the new curriculum he's been developing for the last couple of years.

Sunday I invited my teacher to teach at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup and he taught us all some new drills he's acquired since I left Texas. It was so fun to just relax and be a student again.

Then I taught a Presas Arnis seminar at Elite Dragon Martial Arts. I wrote a little about it this week (around my computer problems) but it was SO FUN ya'll.

We ended the weekend finishing the curriculum revision. I'm happy that's done because it will greatly inform the curriculum we're using for the Presas Arnis class at Elite Dragon starting in September.

Last weekend was ACTION PACKED, kids.


Thanks to my laptop cord breaking and having to replace it, I didn't post much on the blog this week.

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I really wasn't online much this week, sorry.


I am so glad to have my laptop back. 😁

I'm going to go see family this weekend over in St. Louis this weekend, so I won't be around much until next week. Ya'll be good, train hard, and have fun!

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