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Planting the Flag

I got to hold my first Presas Arnis seminar over the weekend.

Me! Teaching a seminar! ME!

It wasn't a huge crowd - I am, after all, just some rando, teaching a style that most people haven't heard of - but there were people there I don't personally know.


It was only two hours, so I kept things simple. We warmed up with single sinawali, and then I taught material we call the "Dos Manos" drill, where you use both hands on the stick to block and strike.

We then translated that material into something practical: using a backpack to defend against an attack. I wanted for folks who hadn't trained in my style before to see how the stick can and does translate into things they do every day.

Short animation of people working the Dos Manos drill with backpacks.

Very fun, and the two hours just blew by. By the end, the seminar attendees were tired and happy, which was my goal.

The seminar served as an introduction to the bigger news: I'm going to start teaching Presas Arnis in September as a regular class.

It will be at the same place that hosted the seminar - Elite Dragon Martial Arts - and it will be on Monday nights.

Sure, we have the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup (and that won't change) but it's sort of all over the place, covering whatever stuff Mr. Chick and I feel like doing. That's what you get with a free Meetup, guys.

But what we'll be doing at Elite Dragon is a structured class with a curriculum and rank progression. It's a real martial arts program.

I'm stoked. So stoked!

My teacher and I are reviewing the curriculum, we're planning demos with the school next month...

I'm planting the flag of Presas Arnis in Kansas City.

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