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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 06/14/19

We're drying out a little here in the Midwest, which is a nice break, even though our rivers are trying to kill us (eh, we're used to it).


We had a blast at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup this week.

We worked on blocking. Dos Manos (two hands) blocking and supported blocking, and even a little bit of unsupported blocking. We're working on getting our folks as comfortable as possible with blocks before they move on to some more challenging material.

Remember, we're putting on the first Heartland Arnis Players Alliance gathering June 29, and we now have a Meetup about it (click HERE) as well as the Facebook event (HERE). If you're in the KC area, come check out this event!


Thursday: Stick Tricks

There's six different ways to connect with the Stick Chick Blog online: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and MeWe, and on Pinterest, too. Is there a social media channel that you'd LIKE for us to be on? Let me know!

Note: ANY links to the old blog published before 10/10/18 don't work. Really, if you've been reading this blog and these updates for a while, you should know that by now. 😐


I made this and I'm not sorry.



I'm originally from St. Louis, and I grew up a St. Louis Blues fan (and I do really like hockey), so I'm so darn happy that the Blues won this year's NHL Stanley Cup! Can't think of a fan base - except maybe one - that deserves a championship more!

Y'all be good and keep training!

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