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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 02/08/19

Just checking in as I thaw out from what's become our weekly ice/snow event here in the Midwest. I hope you're warm where you are!


Between the weather (yep, more ice, yay?) and work, I can't get out of my house these days unless absolutely necessary. Nada, zip, bupkiss.

But I have started a side project related to the martial arts - Arnis in particular - which should have be back training soon.


Monday: Punching Up

You can find the Stick Chick Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and MeWe, and hey, I've got a Pinterest board too. I have completely abandoned Google Plus as Google is going to murder it on April 2, 2019. I'll miss it.

Note: ANY links to the old blog published before 10/10/18 that you run across online are now broken. They're as dead as the Midwest's hopes for an early spring (I don't care what that Groundhog says).


Happy Chinese New Year, y'all!

I'm holding a stick much more often than other people are...

You can still chime in on this week's Facebook "Showdown Saturday" question: Are the Mixed Martial Arts a "martial art" in its own right? Why or why not?

Todd COULD have gotten out of this one... JUST SAYING.


Here we are in the dead of winter, and it's snowing/icing up almost every Wednesday this year. I asked for this, so I'm not complaining!

My teacher is coming to visit us for a couple of days this weekend, and I'm so happy about it! He and Mr. Chick are going to work on MiraRada Escrima, and he and I are going to work on Presas Arnis. SWEET!

I hope YOU are keeping warm and toasty and training hard and well.

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