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The Karate Rap

Every so often, this gem of martial arts entertainment history makes the rounds in martial arts groups online.

It's this chunk of awesomeness called "The Karate Rap".

I graduated from high school the year this video was apparently made, in 1986. As a child of the 80's, I'm telling you, this is one of the most 80's things I have ever seen. The only way it could be more 80's is if Rambo and Ronald Reagan and an MTV VeeJay had made an appearance.

Wait, these people *aren't* the Vapors?!?

Y'know, when I think of the martial arts, and Karate in particular, I think of

  • Rap music

  • Electric blue spandex

  • Wearing your black belt with your bath towel

  • Keytars and Solid Gold Dancers

I'm sure it's the same way for all of you.

I think the genius of this video, and the lyrics of this song, are woefully underappreciated. Highlights include:

  • KUMITE!  Keytar solo

  • Name checked:  samurai, shogun, sensei and ninja.

  • "Ninja" is rhymed with "car"

  • "Samurette" (!!!)

  • "Body" is rhymed with "Karate" (repeatedly)

  • It doesn't matter what color belt you wear, but... black belt makes her heart melt

  • "Quickens" is rhymed with "dickens" (!!!)

  • Karate wife, two karate kids, karate dog and karate parakeet

  • Karate means never having to say you're sorry

  • You can play "spot the dude" with the three Geisha (watch closely, yes, one of those Geisha is a guy)

  • Boards are broken and Kiai are spoken (that line really should have made it into the song somehow)

Thus, I give you, the Karate Rap.  You really must watch the entire thing with the volume on.

This is by real-life martial artists David and Holly Seeger of Samurai Studios. You can learn more about "the Karate Rap" at their site, HERE.

I, for one am very, very grateful for their efforts here, and for the outright JOY they give the martial arts world.

Thank you, Seegers!

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