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THAT GUY: That Kid

Here at the Stick Chick Blog, I have a series of posts called "That Guy".  This series is all about the stereotypical annoying sorts of students you meet while training.

Y'know.  The PhilosopherThe Full CupRanky McGee.  You can read the entire "That Guy" series here on the blog by looking up posts in the "THAT GUY" category on the blog.

Today, I'd like to talk about That Kid.

Before you say, "Chickie, you're hit a new low, you're picking on little kids, way to punch down." I have a confession to make.

My very own child is That Kid.

So let's talk about what That Kid looks like.

That Kid is the one that finds a way to scoot closer and closer to a friend during warm-ups so they can make jokes and poke each other.

That Kid is the one who constantly interrupts training and instruction to make side comments that she thinks is funny.

That Kid decides that making faces at himself in the mirror is more fun than paying attention to what's going on.

That Kid literally doesn't stop talking for more than 30 seconds in 45 minute class.

That Kid, when it's time to line up for a drill, always tries to cut in line and makes the rest of the group complain about who got in line first.

You hear That Kid's name every few minutes, as in "THAT KID!  Stop doing that and focus!" and "THAT KID! Are you with us today?" and "THAT KID! 10 pushups!"

In fact, That Kid gets assigned a LOT of pushups for this stuff but it doesn't seem to phase her one little bit.  As soon as she's done, she gets back on the mat and continues being disruptive.

That Kid always finds a way to goof off during the drill.  He does things like the wrong kick or punch, or adding sound effects to the technique, or starting a discussion with his friend about how Batman would do this technique.

That Kid will complain loudly when he doesn't get to do something he wants to do.  Sometimes, That Kid will sometimes throw an outright temper tantrum.

That Kid is the poster child for why parents put their kids in martial arts training in the first place.  She lacks discipline and focus and is constantly a disruptive force of nature.

When you teach That Kid, it makes the session last a million years and by the end of it, you need a shot of whisky and a nap.

Oh, That Kid.  Your regular, everyday school teacher is a saint.

Every single one of you who have taught a kid's martial arts class for five minutes have in mind at least one, probably more, children you've interacted with that are definitely That Kid.

So as I said above, my kid is That Kid.  Oh, not every class, mind you, but often enough that I have to be attentive in her martial arts classes (I can't have her in my own classes, y'know) to help keep her in line for the instructor as much as I can. She can quickly take over the room and all of the instructor's time, and that's not fair to the other kids.

Since my own kid is THAT KID, I want to know how YOU deal with THAT KID in class.  What are your tools, techniques and strategies to get this kid in line and focused in class? What methods of correction do you use?  Got any funny THAT KID horror stories?

Let us know in the comments!

Use the "THAT GUY" category to find all of the THAT GUY posts on TSC!

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1 Comment

Sep 30, 2019


I thought you were going to give some helpful tips that don't involve me having to explain to a parent why their child is bleeding profusely from the nose :) This is definitely a difficult problem.

If left unchecked, "that kid" will exert behavioral gravity that will suck all the kids in the vicinity into a spiraling vortex of chaos. And we can't have that. Also, we only have two kids classes a week (an hour each.) And it's not fair to the other little ones to have one (ok, I'll be honest... sometimes several) kids disrupt the short learning time for everyone. Unfortunately, I haven't found the magic formula. So far, I've had MARGINAL success with a couple…

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