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THAT GUY: The Full Cup

So you're working with the new guy on a technique.

The instructor has very carefully explained how it is to be performed, and you are trying to make sure you are following her instructions exactly.

As can often happen, you don't quite get the technique down on the first try.

The new guys says, "Here, here's how we do it", and proceeds to show a completely different technique, unrelated to what you are training.  You want to do it the way your instructor has coached you to do it, but your partner insists that this way - the way he already knows - is the better way.

Guess what - you've been paired with That Guy: The Full Cup.

The Full Cup is a guy who has lots of martial arts experience, but usually in another art or another school.  She spends a lot of time avoiding learning what your instructor has to offer, instead preferring to try to fit what he is being taught into the mold of what she has been taught before.

Whether it's the mechanics of a technique, a drill set, or a strategic choice, the Full Cup can't help himself but compare it to what he's already learned, and evaluate whether or not he will learn it based on that evaluation.

You'd think the Full Cup would just spend her time in her preferred art, and avoid cross training with other schools or arts.  I mean, she already knows everything she needs to know, right?  But nope, she'll strap on the white belt in your school, or pay to attend seminars, and do so without any intent to actually learn what is being taught.

*Sigh*. He's right. Dammit.

The Full Cup knows and will say that he agrees with the idea of cross-training, but his actions say otherwise.

He's the kind of person who has already made up his mind about what works and doesn't, and he can't be told otherwise. He is trying out other styles not to incorporate it into what he knows, but to prove to himself he's right.

He's certainly not interested in helping his classmates learn.

If you've trained for any amount of time, you've met The Full Cup - maybe you've even been The Full Cup! How did you empty it? I'd love to hear your stories about it!

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