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Questions from Quora: What Do Movies Get Wrong About martial Arts?

Occasionally I get the time to participate on the social media platform Quora. I thought I'd feature some of the martial arts questions I've answered from time to time here on the blog.

You can read today's answer directly on Quora HERE. If you're on Quora and want me to answer a question, ask me to answer it over there!

What are some things movies get wrong about martial arts?

I really, really, REALLY hate seeing people get hit with metal or heavy wooden weapons to the head and shake it off and keep fighting, often without so much as a scratch. And keep hitting each other, with weapons, for as much as a minute or two.


This scene (see link) in particular BURNS MY COOKIES. Dude takes a shot to the face with a metal bar and just shakes it off. NO NO NO NO.

I have been hit in the head with (relatively soft rattan) sticks with a fraction of the force you see in that video link I posted. NO FREAKING WAY I would have just went “Ow” and back into Sinawali.

I have GRAZED my ankle bone with my white oak nunchaku and I was limping around for much of the day. You cannot take those things to the face and shake it off, you just can’t.

Also, when guys are running around with a sword and they twirl it around for NO GODDAMN REASON other than it looks cool.


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