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Questions From Quora: Learning Martial Arts Solo At Home

Occasionally I get the time to participate on the social media platform Quora. I thought I'd feature some of the martial arts questions I've answered from time to time here on the blog.

You can read today's answer directly on Quora HERE. If you're on Quora and want me to answer a question, ask me to answer it over there!

To what extent can you learn martial arts by yourself at home?

It’s not completely useless, in my opinion. The primary usefulness of such a method is the physical fitness aspects of it all. Nothing wrong with that - using boxing as a method to get in shape - working cardio and whatnot.

When it comes down to brass tacks, though, all the shadow boxing, video games, book reading, and video watching won’t help you in a fight.

You must work with a resisting opponent, and you must work with a coach or teacher who understands how to improve your game.

Here’s why it won’t work:

  • People do not always move in the way you believe they will. Do not think that what you see as “fights” in movies, TV and video games are in any way realistic. They are not. What you see happening is for dramatic effect and to look good on camera.

  • You will never “see” the body cues from an opponent. You can’t develop timing if you can’t see that. Timing is a HUGE thing in a combat sport like boxing.

  • You can’t see yourself, so you have no idea what mistakes you’re making (and we all do) without an educated eye watching you. That means a coach.

I am a big fan of supplemental training at home - practice, books, video. It’s absolutely the best way to get better at any martial art or martial sport. But that’s not for PRIMARY training.

Hope that helps.

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Feb 13, 2020

I think you hit the nail on the head with your explanation.

You can definitely train at home and improve your skills.

Bag work, foot work, agility drills, cardio, ect.

But you need proper guidance I believe to know what to be training and to do it correctly.

Also, like you mentioned, there is no substitution for live sparring.

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