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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 2/7/20

Well, now, this was one heck of a week. Let's get to it.


We had a heck of a great morning of training on Sunday at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup!

We had our largest group yet, and welcomed a new visitor to boot. The more experienced group worked on our "Defensive Response 2" (cross-body block and strike) with double-stick and empty hand applications. Mr. Chick used the cross-body blocking method to lead into a nice knife-passing drill that the group had a really fun time with.

I worked with our new friend on introducing the 12 angles of attack and Single Sinawali. She caught on really quickly!

It was a high-energy, fun session. Really awesome. I hope this group sticks for a while, as it feels like we're hitting a stride!

Oh, and then other stuff happened on Sunday. I'll talk about it later.

Monday we did not have class at Elite Dragon Martial Arts (our facility was closed) but we'll be back next week.


Monday: I was... busy.

Come on and find me on MeWe, Facebook, Twitter (football season is over, don't worry, it'll be returning back to mostly martial arts shortly), Tumblr, Instagram and even Pinterest!



I think somebody's been spying on me...


About last Sunday...

So if you've read this blog a long time, or you're personal friends with me, you know I am a hard-core Kansas City Chiefs fan. I've been a fan for 29 years, in fact.

And my beloved Chiefs finally - FINALLY - won the Super Bowl, for the second time in franchise history. It's been 50 years since our last championship, and it's been an incredibly emotional week here in my adopted home town.

I got to go to the victory parade and rally, and it was very cold but SO worth the effort to go to! Youngest daughter went with me and we made memories to last a lifetime. It was great.

I'm glad this is finally over, actually. I'm all Chief-ed out!

Have a great training week, have lots of fun, and work hard, y'all.

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