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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 2/21/20

Busy, busy, busy. Let's do this!


Sunday at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, we had some visitors drop by, so we divided the group into two - one working basics, one working on reviewing and exploring our Defensive Responses 1-3 (same side block and strike, cross-body block and strike, and double block and strike) with sticks and empty hand. I led the basics group, working the 12 angles of attack from Modern Arnis (and variations of that drill they could practice at home) and then reviewing single sinawali and all the little details that make that drill much more than playing patty-cake with sticks. Great session!

On Monday at Elite Dragon Presas Arnis, we worked hard on perfecting our supported blocking, making sure our technique was sound (nobody wants to get cracked on the noggin, after all). The cool part is that we had our first broken stick in this class, which was a neat milestone to hit! Congratulations, Wendy!

You only break sticks when you're hitting hard. BANG!!


Thursday: Weapons: The Great Equalizer

Social media? Oohhhhhh yeeeaaah, I'm on social media. Come find us on MeWe, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest!

Speaking of social media, the Facebook page hit a milestone this week, passing the 800 likes mark (as of this writing, it's 819). I'm so grateful - if you like the page, or share what I post there, or interact with it in any way, I really appreciate you doing that. Thanks.

We also opened the Stick Chick Blog merch store! Come check out all sorts of things (and new stuff gets added all the time): The Stick Chick Blog on Teespring

I'll post stuff from there on my social media channels from time to time but I won't get too annoying with it. It's just for fun (and if you have an idea for something to add to the store, let me know).


Sundays on Facebook I post some funny martial arts related meme I've run across in various places at various times. Sometimes y'all really like them. And sometimes, they blow up, like this did this week. This meme is what brought all the new folks to the page this week. Y'all loved it, apparently. Goes to show, you never know what's going to resonate with folks.

So I posted an amusing martial arts gif I found on my "Thanks for 800 likes" post. I didn't know where I came from, but I have smartie-pants readers who know everything, and it's from this video that I had no idea existed. Check it out:

Of course I agree 10000000% (yes I know it's not a thing) with this article right here: Toughen up Your Midlife with Martial Arts


So yeah, busy week. I am actually working on a trip back to Texas in April (WMAA Camp) and then another in August (tbd for a name but it's a three-day intensive with my teacher) and then I found out this week I have yet ANOTHER trip to make back to Texas this summer... because Older Daughter is getting married (she met my future son-in-law in high school there)!

I guess I can squeeze in another trip to the Lone Star State. So there's going to be some interruptions in the blog coming in a few months, but for GOOD REASON, y'all.

Stay safe, train hard, and HAVE FUN!

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