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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 11/1/19

November, 2019. "Bladerunner" is no longer the future. *sigh*.


Monday night we reviewed our first level of material and "tested" (if you call it that - it wasn't a test, really) so we could move on to level 2 material.

Our students are moving along really well so I'm thrilled that we get to get into some more... meaty... material starting next week.

Good job, Arnisadors and Arnisadoras of Elite Dragon Martial Arts!


Tuesday: Sick

Wednesday: Sick

I spent most of my week sick as a dog. Yaaaaay.

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It's stupid, but man, it's funny.

I've seen this many times but I enjoy it every time. Click HERE if you can't see the video.


We had SNOW in Kansas City this week (I'm not complaining)! The year is winding down, so get in those last-minute martial arts training goals, kids.

Train hard and have fun, y'all.

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