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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 11/06/20

Let's jump in, shall we?


As I am no longer teaching in the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup until I recover from total hip replacement, I only know what I'm told is happening by Mr. Chick.

I trust him. ;)

Since we have GM Art Miraflor of MiraRada Escrima coming in next weekend (that's below too), he's been covering material from that system in both the Presas Arnis Meetup as well as PAC.

MiraRada Escrima is a very different point of view than Presas Arnis or what PAC traditionally teaches, so it's a nice change of pace and stretch for folks in those groups.

On Monday at Elite Dragon, we covered a variety of topics, mainly riffing off of sumbrada and talking about footwork and inserts. I have one more class to teach there before my surgery.

Hey, you know I couldn't just stop doing everything, right?

So, as I said, we're hosting Grandmaster Art Miraflor for a seminar on 11/14. Here's the FB event: HERE and the Meetup event: HERE.


If you like what you read here, can you please subscribe to this blog? You can do so at the bottom of the page. I'm not sending out email yet but that's one thing that's coming as I adjust my social media presence.

Speaking of which, you can find me on MeWe, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (Don't get too attached to FB and Instagram, y'all). It's gifting season, so why not deck out your favorite martial arts buddy with Stick Chick Blog gear? SHOP HERE

While I'm recovering from hip surgery, I won't have any fresh posts until at least after Thanksgiving (one for sure on 12/4 but other than that... we'll see).

I'll be re-running old content, though, so no reason not to check in on the social media channels, ok? There won't be any Stick Chicktivity during that period either, so the plan is that the first new one after surgery will run on Friday, December 11.

If you're interested in how I'm doing in the mean time, I'll be most consistently posting that info over on MeWe.


If I didn't have a bum hip...

This is not something I'd run on Sundays, and it's not strictly martial artsy, but it made me laugh anyway:


Welp, surgery day is on Wednesday. This weekend we are power-cleaning the house to prep for GM Art and my teacher staying with us next weekend, as well as making sure I can get thru the house OK using a walker (!!!!).

I'm oh-so-ready for the surgery, even if a part of me is still sort scared silly of the whole thing. I'm pretty sure that I'll be like literally every other person I know after hip surgery ("It was awesome! So glad I did it!").

So while I'm gone, I expect every one of you to keep training, to stay safe, and keep having fun.

This is the Stick Chick, signing OUT until December.

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