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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 1/31/20

It's like CHRISTMAS y'all! (Read why at the end)


Ahh, back to normal this week!

At the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup on Sunday, we worked on review of the 12 angles of attack review (hadn't done it in a while and we have some new members to boot). Then we worked on defensive response 1, aka same-side block and strike with two sticks. We have to teach a feeding drill as well as the defensive side at the same time, so it takes a little time to perfect it. Kept 'em busy, though.

At the Elite Dragon Presas Arnis class, we worked on supported blocking (both in a set pattern, then with random feeds). They did really great work on that, so we ended the class with what they love to do, which is play sinawali. Great class!


Monday: We Are Bad Judges (of Ourselves)

Tuesday: Real Life Lessons: Against Long Weapons


Thursday: What's A Style?

You can find the Stick Chick Blog and yours truly on MeWe, Facebook, Twitter (right now my Twitter feed is 99% Kansas City Chiefs, fair warning), Tumblr, Instagram and even Pinterest!



If you haven't subscribed to Datu Tim Hartman's YouTube channel, you should. He's revived "The Modern Arnis Minute" and it's got lots of good stuff in bite-sized pieces. This week's is very helpful to me.


I'm helping out on a black belt testing board tomorrow, and we have our Meetup on Sunday, but no Presas Arnis class Monday (our facility is closed).

Oh, and there's a little football game going on Sunday, that my city's beloved NFL team might be playing in. Just, y'know, for the championship of the league and stuff. It might be on TV if you check the listings late Sunday afternoon in the USA. I may have mentioned it from time to time here and especially on my Twitter account.

This is my last post before Sunday, so win or lose...


Me at the only other place I'm just as happy as I am when I'm training - Arrowhead Stadium

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