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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 09/18/20

Getting cooler here in Kansas City, y'all.

But it's always cool in Kansas City.


The Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup and the Elite Dragon Presas Arnis class have been working on similar material, but this week, we went different directions.

In the Meetup, we're working on Sumbrada and related drills/skills. One nice thing about the Meetup is that we can go wherever we want to go, and right now, I've got Sumbrada on the brain. I keep having all these new (to me) epiphanies about the drill and its relationships to other things and what you learn in them, so I want to stay there for a while.

At Elite Dragon, we're doing review of old material for the next month, as I plan to promote a bunch of students in early October. COVID-19 has made me rethink my curriculum and how/when/what is going to be covered come promotion-time, that's for sure.

Don't forget, you can join us at this (details HERE):

And here in Kansas City, do what you gotta do to come join us for GM Art Miraflor of MiraRada Escrima in November. Details HERE.


Tuesday: On Politics

Wednesday: None - Cat Emergency!

If YOU see something cool about the martial arts - a video, a blog post, a funny meme - feel free to share it with me via your favorite social media channel, ok?

Speaking of social media, find TSC on MeWe, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. All the cool kids are wearing Stick Chick Blog gear. SHOP HERE


I'm in physical therapy for my hip, and waiting to hear the results of MRIs on my hip and my shoulder both. Just patch me up with duct tape and staples and I'll keep going, but wow, I really am so tired of having to take it easy.

My cat emergency is over - Bonny cat is feeling back to normal. She sure scared me though.

And finally... How 'bout them CHIEFS?

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training.

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