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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 08/14/20

Mid-August. Already. Woof.

Let's fire this up.


In both the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup and in the Elite Dragon Presas Arnis class, we're working on material related to a core Modern Arnis drill we call "block-check-counter".

It's a partner drill where one person feeds, the other defends and counter attacks, and the original person then defends against that counter attack.

It's a really important drill for us, as it's one of the first drills that expose students to the idea of being a driver or being a passenger in a drill.

It's super-fun too. Everyone is having a blast!


If YOU see something cool - a video, another blog post about the martial arts, a funny meme - feel free to share it with me via your favorite social media channel, ok?

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It was my birthday last Sunday, and I went Axe throwing, and it's awesome and fun. But if you do that with a shoulder problem like yours truly, you're gonna pay. Worth it, though.

This is a true blade master.

Yes, exactly. Somebody gets it.


I don't know what's coming next in this crazy year. I do know that no matter what, the one thing we can all do is train.

So no matter what, keep training, y'all.

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