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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 08/02/19

Not much longer, and the kids will be back in school in my neck of the woods. This summer blew by FAST!


I went to St. Louis last weekend, so I didn't get in much training vs. resistance this week.

I practiced my anyos a couple of times, though, shoving in a little bit where and when I could (when you're super-busy, that's what you gotta do, kids).

I'll make up for it this weekend.


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Yeah, forms are NOT really my bag. By the way, I didn't make this meme myself, and I am very aware of the misspelling. 😒

Literal LOL at THIS video (it won't embed for some reason, so click through and have a giggle).

Did you get a chance to chime in on our Facebook "Showdown Saturday" question? If not, here it is: SHOWDOWN SATURDAY: Does martial arts and religious belief go together?


We have a demo coming up for that new Presas Arnis class I told you about, so I'l be working hard on that. Oh, and I'll be going to training camp for the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, so I won't be at our Meetup this week (that's why it's awesome that Mr. Chick and I host that together).

OH, and we've announced the second HAPA Gathering for November. Find the Facebook event HERE and the Meetup HERE.

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