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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 07/02/21

Time is getting shorter by the minute, let's roll.


Our big seminar with Bruce Chiu of Arnis International was was last weekend.

We got in some training on Friday night and we had a blast at the seminar on Saturday. I wrote some about this - just a little - this week on the blog, but let me elaborate about the nerdier stuff here.

I'd asked Bruce to focus on some locks (and if you train Modern Arnis you know that a lock can be a takedown, a throw, a disarm...) because I feel like that's a weaker spot in my Modern Arnis game, and boy, did he deliver!

Nice, meaty training weekend for yours truly. The time before I go on training hiatus is very short, so this was time very well spent.

At the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup on Sunday, Mr. Chick reviewed the material Bruce taught in the seminar (I had to take the Chius to the airport so I wasn't there), and then he riffed on it, showing other variants of what Bruce taught, including working on "capturing the stick" drills.

Elite Dragon is on hiatus this week (our center is closed for a summer break), so we didn't have class there Monday.


Tuesday: ASSumptions

Wednesday: My Modern Arnis

Thursday: The Safety Dance

I post on the regular on our MeWe page, on Tumblr and Pinterest! I also share posts on my personal FB page (not always, but usually).

The experiment continues on the Facebook page and Instagram. While it's definitely increasing my blog views and engagement, MAN, it's a hassle!

I am pretty sure this blog will go on hiatus for a few weeks after my shoulder surgery (like it did when I had my hip replacement in November). If I get the opportunity, I may schedule a few blog posts to re-run over the break, but there will be no Stick Chicktivities on Fridays. I won't have much to talk about other than "Ow my shoulder" and "poor me can't train" and "wow, daytime TV suuuucckkss" so it won't be terribly interesting for all y'all anyway.


Come join Mr. Chick and our pals at Self Defense Global with our friend and mentor Hock Hochheim in July! Details HERE.

Here in Kansas City in August, Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh is coming back to town, and you should TOTALLY join us for it (Mr. Chick will train and I will be nursing my recovering shoulder on the sidelines). Check out this event HERE.

I was originally planning on going to Buffalo for WMAA Camp at the end of August but it's not feasible for me to travel by myself there (I'm not sure I'll be even able to drive by that time yet), so I won't be going.

I feel like the training gods are doing their very best to ensure that I don't get to go have fun in Buffalo with all my WMAA friends. That's two years in a row something got in the way.

But YOU can go! In fact, Datu Tim has a bunch of events, both online and in person. Like the World Modern Arnis Alliance Facebook page and click HERE for all of the events!

In October (10/1-10/3) there's a big Modern Arnis Tribute Camp you really should check out. Lots of huge names in Modern Arnis will be teaching there, including SM Dan Anderson, GM Bram Frank, Shinshii Janet Aalfs, Datu Dieter Knüttel, Master of Tapi Tapi Roland Rivera, and GM Bruce Chiu. You really don't want to miss this - I've personally trained with half of these people and they're all super-awesome. The possibility of my attendance at this event is slim, but not completely zero.

It is theoretically possible that I might be able to make the recently-announced WMAA Camp in Texas in November. It's VERY much up in the air but if I get in any more big-time training in 2021, this'll be the event.


It's Independence Day this weekend here in the US. I plan to hang out with friends and cook out, nothing huge.

My shoulder did better than I'd feared over last weekend, but I only have two more weekends to train before training ends at a minimum for two to three months.

Yes, I'm getting more anxious about it, daily. This surgery is less of a big deal than my hip was, but it is going to take a lot longer to heal from and directly impacts my training life a lot more.

But until then, I'll keep training.

You keep training too, and stay safe, and have fun!

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