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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 06/25/21

Here we go, here we go, here we go again...


At the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, we had a new person try out class, so I focused on introducing her to the 12 Angles of Attack drill, as well as doing single sinawali. She did fantastic, and stayed for the PAC session as well. I hope we'll see her back!

Class at Elite Dragon didn't happen because of belt testing at the school. Younger Daughter tested for her next rank and did super well. We're very proud of her!

The family that kicks ass together, stays together. Or something.

Elite Dragon is on a break next week and the week after next, and then I'll have shoulder surgery, so I won't be attending that class until mid-August at the earliest, and even then, I won't be teaching or training there until I get cleared by the doc, which will probably be September at the earliest.

Yikes, this shoulder surgery coming up fast!

But no worries, I'll be plenty busy right up until I get the ol' slice-n'-dice.


I post on the regular on our MeWe page, on Tumblr and Pinterest! I also share posts on my personal FB page (not always, but usually).

Right now, you'll find me posting on the Facebook page and Instagram. I am running a test to see if it's worth the effort to post there, even though they absolutely discriminate against my page because I do not buy ads for it (and honestly, I think their content moderation is heavy handed and ridiculous at times).

I'm running a question about the rules - written and unwritten - of martial arts etiquette at your school, or in places you've trained. I really, really need your help - you can respond to this on MeWe HERE and on Facebook HERE. This may be the last big post I write before I go on surgery hiatus, so help a Chickie out, will ya?

Thank you kindly.


THIS WEEKEND! We (Kindred Protective Arts and Elite Dragon Martial Arts) are hosting Bruce Chiu of Arnis International! Learn more about GM Chiu and Arnis International on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE. You absolutely don't want to miss this if you can possibly make it to Kansas City!

You can learn more at the Facebook event HERE, the MeWe event HERE, and the Meetup HERE. We;re so excited to host this event, we'd love to have you join us!

If you can't make it to Missouri this weekend, perhaps you can make it to the Progressive Arnis Spring Camp in North Carolina? They're totally awesome folks and fun to train with! Details HERE.

Here in Kansas City in August, Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh is coming back to town, and you should TOTALLY join us for it (Mr. Chick will train, and I will skulk sadly around the perimeter, being jealous of all y'all, and stuff). Check out this event HERE.

I was originally planning on going to Buffalo for WMAA Camp at the end of August but it's not feasible for me to travel by myself there (I'm not sure I'll be even able to drive by that time yet), so I won't be going.

I feel like the training gods are doing their very best to ensure that I don't get to go have fun in Buffalo with all my WMAA friends. That's two years in a row something got in the way.

But YOU can go! In fact, Datu Tim has a bunch of events, both online and in person. Like the World Modern Arnis Alliance Facebook page and click HERE for all of the events!

In October (10/1-10/3) there's a big Modern Arnis Tribute Camp you really should check out. Lots of huge names in Modern Arnis will be teaching there, including SM Dan Anderson, GM Bram Frank, Shinshii Janet Aalfs, Datu Dieter Knüttel, Master of Tapi Tapi Roland Rivera, and GM Bruce Chiu. You really don't want to miss this - I've personally trained with half of these people and they're all super-awesome. The possibility of my attendance at this event is slim, but not completely zero.

However, I should be able to attend the recently-announced WMAA Camp in Texas in November! So come play with us!


With Bruce and Chris Chiu in town, I plan to play Arnis until my arm falls off, in the case of my right arm, possibly literally. Seriously, I don't care how sore I am or how much it hurts, I'm going to push to play as much as I can.

It's not like I can make it worse at this point, and hey, I have plenty of painkillers and ice packs, soooo...

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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