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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 05/15/20

Let's just jump in, shall we?


This was the busiest week for me in months!

On Saturday Mr. Chick and I attended the virtual "FMA Spring Thing" seminar. 7 hours, 14 (!!) instructors from a variety of FMA lineages and styles. Learned some new skills, some new drills, and it was just so nice to "see" people I don't know again...

Sunday morning at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup we worked on solo drills, Sunday night we talked about what we got from "Spring Thing", and Wednesday I taught the beginning of "Super Sinawali".

Monday night I taught our Elite Dragon Presas Arnis class the "driver" side of the "pokey" drill, a 2 vs 1 drill based on single sinawali that inserts pokes at various points for the "passenger" to defend.

All in all, a super busy and productive week.

As an aside, we decided for the Meetup that we are keeping our current schedule through May, but we've moved to Google Meet instead of Zoom. It's a little easier to use, in my opinion, plus we can do longer meetings (our Sunday morning Meetup is going to 1 hour) and record and share those recordings for our students to refer to.


Wednesday: Hammer World


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Never bring a foot to a knife fight.

This always makes me think of those spinny-dancy "creative" weapons forms at tournaments vs. the real deal:

You can watch the "FMA Spring Thing" seminar (in 30 minute chunks), and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do, there's some excellent instruction in here:

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