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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 03/12/21

Let's roll, y'all.


I spent the weekend at my mom's in St. Louis, so I didn't train in the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup.

I actually didn't get much in on Monday night at Elite Dragon, either, because I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder (I will grumble about that one another time) and the combo of pain and doctor's orders meant no swinging any sticks for me.

What a sucky week, training-wise!

If you're coming by to visit either class, though, we're still doing staff stuff, if that's your groove.


Thursday: Myth and Memory

Come join us on our MeWe page, on Tumblr and Pinterest! There is a Facebook page, but I'm no longer updating it. Juuuust sayin'.


If you're in the Kansas City metro area, on Sunday we have the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, and on Monday we have Presas Arnis class at Elite Dragon Martial Arts (at the GAGE Center in Blue Springs). Drop in and say "hi"!

TOMORROW! I am participating in this world-wide virtual training event sponsored by the Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V. (DAV). Come join us!

Women of the martial arts! Come join these awesome people at the Partnership of Women Martial Artists symposium in Dallas in May (and yeah, I'm working on attending myself!)

I'm working hard to attend this, too, and so can you!


I'm relatively pain-free thanks to the shot I got in my shoulder, but I honestly think it's masking something, not addressing the problem. Theoretically, I should be able to train near normal levels if that did the trick... right?

Right. We'll find out.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training.

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