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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 02/01/19

Hello from the thawing Midwest! It's Friday, so let's fire this up!


I'm much, much better physically this week but due to my new work schedule, my house being small, and the RIDICULOUS cold temperatures we have (we set new records this week, as did much of the country) I couldn't train much. THIS MUST BE FIXED and soon, but I'm working on that.


Tuesday: On High Kicks

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Note: ANY links to the old blog published before 10/10/18 that you run across online are now broken. They're as dead as the Drew Brees' hopes of beating out Patrick Mahomes for this season's NFL MVP.


Who knew this image would spark some great discussion and Wednesday's blog post? But it did.

This week's "Monday Martial Madness" post at the Modern Kunoichi blog literally made me laugh out loud twice. Check out: Monday’s Martial Madness: How to Make Friends with a Martial Artist

This image comes from THIS post on Facebook. This is why solo training or online training alone will NEVER be enough.

YES! A comic featuring a hero using Filipino Martial Arts who's an actual Filipino! I've long believed we need more of this stuff in pop culture to get more visibility to the FMA's: This Pixar Artist Is Creating a Comic Book About a Filipino Martial Art


Kansas City was one of the places hit hard by the "polar vortex" this week. I remember it got just as cold when I was a kid in, but we went to school and there was no talk of a "polar vortex". Juuuust saying.

People asked me this week if I was sorry I left Texas due to this cold. Not having cold in winter was one reason I moved away (really), so I'm good. I am looking forward to a bit of a warm-up, though, as I'd like to start another session of the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup in a park during the week and I can't do that until it's hoodie weather. Forecasts suggest we'll get there by the end of February.

Be safe, have fun, and Happy February!

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