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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 01/25/19

It's a very cold Friday, so let's quickly wrap up our week in the martial arts. I hope you're keeping warm!


Training? HAHAHAHA, yeah, that didn't happen. Nothing, nada, zilch. I wrote about what's going on this week (see the post "Me Not Brain Good") but between an illness that I haven't been able to shake, a new job schedule, and ice/snow storms, it's just not happening this week.

BUT I am finally on the mend, and I hope to get back on track next week.


I made the decision this week that I will no longer be actively posting on Google Plus. Hootsuite is going to discontinue supporting it and Google is going to kill it, so I'm not going to make any effort there any more.

In its place, I've added an Instagram feed. Right now it's just blog posts (and a few old images from back when we had Mid-Cities Arnis) but over time I'll add exclusive video and stuff there from the Stick Chick Blog. So connect with us on Instagram, ok?

As always, you can find the Stick Chick Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and MeWe, and hey, I've got a Pinterest board too.

Note: ANY links to the old blog published before 10/10/18 that you run across online are now broken. They're as dead as the Saints hope of replaying the NFC Championship Game (even if they got robbed).


Our "Showdown Saturday" question was " Once you achieve Black Belt (or equivalent) rank... how much time does it take (or should it take) to get to 2nd Degree (or equivalent)? ". You can still chime in with your opinion by clicking HERE.

Well, that settles that. I've wasted a decade of training.

I have a feeling if more of us read this book, there'd be a lot less violence in the world:


Well, we lost the AFC Championship game, but I'm so darn proud of the season the Kansas City Chiefs had. We're gonna tear it up next year!

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm resolved to do SOMETHING to get my butt back training and pronto. Not only do I have that Panantuken class I have my eye on, but I need to get a space that I can get practicing my kobudo again. I miss my nunchucks, darn it.

Hope you have a productive and fun week in the martial arts, everyone!

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