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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 01/22/21

Let's jump right in, shall we?


In the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, we worked our way through block-check-counter, 2 vs 1 pokey drill, and then into 2 vs. 1 punyo wraps. We've been slowly inching our way here, and it's such a fun journey! We'll be getting into tapi-tapi soon.

At Elite Dragon, the class worked on stick takedowns while I worked with our new students. They are absolutely killing it, so I feel comfortable in integrating them into the rest of the class in the next couple of weeks.

Plus, our 5' rattan staff shipment arrived. Which is useful, because I'm going to the Progressive Arnis Winter Camp in a few weeks, and that's the main topic.

How... convenient.


Sure, you'll find us on Facebook and Instagram, but I'm not updating that any more. Our MeWe page is the new home of TSC online, but I also update on Tumblr and Pinterest. Come join us on those social media channels, will ya?

As an aside, the MeWe page is running "Standoff Saturday" questions and martial arts memes on Sundays, just like we did on Facebook. So if you liked my Facebook page, you'll like the MeWe page... and you'll actually SEE IT.

If you're new to MeWe and needs some hand holding, message me on my page, I'll be happy to point you to some really helpful MeWe user groups.


I started physical therapy on my bum shoulder this week, and I'll be doing it for the next 8 weeks. After a year and a half, and after being basically dismissed by medical professionals for a year (I suspect because of my gender and age but could be for any reason, who knows?), I finally was HEARD by a doctor who trains himself, and was able to finally get me on the path to recovery. The hip... thing... interrupted that, but now I'm finally going to fix the stupid shoulder thing.

Hoping some of this will strengthen me before I go to Florida, where I plan to train my ass off.

Oh, and we're a little excited about our local professional football team here in Kansas City.. They won, again. One more win and they go back to the Super Bowl.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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