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Return of the Blog

Just a quick update post today, then we'll be back to normal shortly.

It's been a tough and busy couple of weeks.

I won't bore you too much with the details, but I've had to deal with car issues (it literally died), a big cross-country move Older Daughter, a wedding of Older Daughter (in a COVID conditions, I couldn't be there which is hard), a death of a close friend, physical issues, busy work stuff, and a cancellation of an event I was really looking forward to that turned into me organizing training with my teacher as much as I could with as many people as I could in a safe and compliant way with local regulations (training in three different counties and cities makes for some fun variances in rules).

Time with my teacher is not quite over yet, but I wanted to get back into posting again so y'all don't think the Stick Chick Blog has gone the way of so many others.

I'll re-run a classic post tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have some hot and fresh posting for you later this week. The training time has been fun and productive, even if I'm physically limited at the moment.

Thanks for hanging in with me, and I'll update again shortly.

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