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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 11/30/18

It's the last day of NOVEMBER already? Sheesh!

How's your week in the martial arts been? Here's what I saw, did, and trained this week.


Saturday we had a nice training session with the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, working on sinawali patterns and what you can learn from working the drill. It was a beautiful sunny cool day, and that's nice, as it's the last outdoor KC-PAM we're going to have. We're moving from Saturdays to Sundays at the same time, but INDOORS. See the Meetup for details (and if you're in the area, join us - it's FREE).

Sunday we got our first big snow of the season, and the roads were basically impassable Sunday and Monday and part of Tuesday, so we were shut up in the house with our pets and our youngest daughter. It was a really beautiful snow.

Wednesday morning I worked with my private student, and then... the crud hit. It hit me first and then by Thursday Mr. Chick was also down and out. Grrrrr.

No training pictures this week, but here's Younger Daughter building her first snowman EVER.


Wednesday: The History of Karate (guest post)

I guest-posted on the Centurion, the Century Martial Arts blog this week! Check it out:

Look for the Stick Chick Blog on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and MeWe, and hey, I've got a Pinterest board, and I post on Google Plus too, until Google murders it.

Are any of you guys on Minds? Would you be interested in Stick Chick Blog content there?

Note: ANY links to the old blog published before 10/10/18 that you run across online are now broken. They're as gone as the last bits of Halloween candy.


You know I can do it.

Our "Showdown Saturday" topic asks if you think teaching "values" in the martial arts - honor, loyalty, indomitable spirit, etc. - is necessary. You can put in your two cents HERE.

This amused me.

Master Ken put out a video on the same basic topic!


My beloved Kansas City Chiefs were on a bye week this week and didn't play. Just a little shout-out to the Denver Broncos for helping the Chiefs out the last couple of weeks. Thanks, guys!

This time a year ago I was working on making the move to Kansas City. And now, here I am! 2018 blew by quickly!

I hope your week is awesome, and train hard!

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