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My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 06/04/21

Let's go!


At the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, we practiced the left-on-right tapi-tapi pattern we've been working on, and then we introduced an empty hand tapi-tapi pattern. This material is ALWAYS fun to do.

There was no class at Elite Dragon on Monday, as it was Memorial Day (a holiday) in the United States.

Light week this week.


Wednesday: Of Blunt and Blade

Come join us on our MeWe page, on Tumblr and Pinterest! The Facebook page is not being updated, but if we're friends on FB, I've been posting my blog posts on my personal wall.


Unfortunately, the seminar we'd planned to attend in on June 12 in Nashville has been canceled. We'll still be in that part of the world to see Older Daughter, but there won't be any training involved.

Darn it.

But, if you're up to train that weekend, why not join the Spring Thing? Event HERE:

We (Kindred Protective Arts and Elite Dragon Martial Arts) are hosting Bruce Chiu of Arnis International (on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE) in June!

You can learn more at the Facebook event HERE, the MeWe event HERE, and the Meetup HERE. We can't wait to host this event, so please join us!

If you can't make it to Missouri on the last weekend in June, perhaps you can make it to the Progressive Arnis Spring Camp in North Carolina? Details HERE.

After Bruce Chiu in June, I'm probably out in terms of big training events for the rest of 2021 due to shoulder surgery.


I'm "taking it easy" on my shoulder, but at the same time, it's not like I can make it any worse, so... I'mma train while I can. And that's what my weekend will be like. Hope yours is the same, without the pain.

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and keep training!

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