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Martial Arts Goals 2021

I think we can all agree that, generally speaking, we're all happy to see 2020 hit the bricks.

Bring it, 2021.

Here's what I'd like to accomplish this year, martial arts and martial arts-adjacent-wise. Please do tell us YOUR goals this year in the comments.


In 2020, I had a total hip replacement. While I am absolutely recovering, I'm no where near 100%.

BEFORE I had the hip thing happen, I actually injured my right shoulder, and it took a year and a half to figure out what's wrong with it. Turns out, I have a partial tear in the rotator cuff and a few bone spurs.

So this year, my goal is to rehab my hip and my shoulder, and to re-gain all the strength I've lost due to both injuries. It may be too much to ask to be BETTER than I was before in terms of motion and strength, so I'm going to settle for "the way it was before it all happened" as a reasonable goal.


COVID-19 also threw my curriculum we're teaching here in KC for a loop. It also made me rethink a few things in terms of material and drills I'd planned to use, and how I planned to measure progress.

I don't think this is a bad thing, mind you. It's just that I have to take those lessons and apply them in a way that make sense, curriculum-wise.

I also dropped virtual classes mid-way through 2020, and I might revive those.


Speaking of virtual classes, I resolve to attend as many virtual training sessions as I can in 2020.

Mainly, I really miss and need the larger martial arts community, as I can feel myself getting a little stagnant.

If I can attend martial arts training in person, I am going to plan a trip to Texas and I hope to attend the Modern Arnis Reunion Camp in August up in Buffalo.

We've also decided that, COVID permitting, we're going to try to bring in a few big teachers in to Kansas City in 2021. So that'll help too with rejuvenating my personal training.


I moved off of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as a channel for this blog at the end of 2020.

That means I need to cultivate and grow my presence on MeWe, Tumblr, and Pinterest (I also post on my personal LinkedIn profile, but that's not an official "channel" of the blog, as I don't depend on it for clicks or reads or anything blog-related).

Honestly, it's a relief to let Facebook go, even if it means fewer readers for the blog. I still have an account there, I still check it on my PC, but I no longer have FB or Instagram on my phone, so that's a poor way to try to get ahold of me.

As I have been harping for the last six months, come try MeWe, you'll like it! And that's how you can find me...

I plan to do a creative redesign some time in 2021 of the Stick Chick Blog logo. I started some work on that in 2020 but it hasn't gotten to a point that I'm really happy with yet.

The posting schedule is: new or re-run blog posts Tue-Wed-Thu, Stick Chicktivity on Friday, and on the MeWe page, Standoff Saturdays and Sunday Memes just like we used to do on Facebook.

I'm figuring out how to do the newsletter thing for the blog, so stay tuned for that (coming in February).

That's what I'm planning to do in 2021. Again, I'd love to hear about YOUR martial arts goals - let us know in the comments!

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