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Hurts So Good

It's been about five weeks since I had shoulder surgery.

I'm ahead of the game, in terms of recovery, and I've been released to train some, based on my own judgment.

Now, I know, you're thinking, "Oh, she's gonna overdo it", because you and I both know the temptation to try to push through the pain and train is really, really hard to resist.

However, believe it or not, I actually HAVE been taking it relatively easy.

With the improvement in motion that I already have (strength comes next), I felt good enough to do some training - well, teaching, but I did some actual work of feeding students during the drill parts of class - for the first time post surgery.


Am I paying for it?

Look, I haven't trained without pain in literally years.


If I wait until there's no pain, well... that's not feasible.

This week, feeding our students, I absolutely hit a wall where I'd have to take a break, and I didn't push through it - I took the break when I needed it.

But I could, and did, train, completely immersed in the moment.

It was awesome.

One thing that I noticed that I haven't felt in a long time is that I had that happy mental/emotional boost you get when you've spent time immersed in working on the mat.

Y'all know what I mean, right? That warm, upbeat, feeling of... satisfaction.

I've been riding that wave of satisfaction for days!

It's great to be back, even if it hurts... it hurts so good.

Tell me about your first training/teaching session after a big surgery or injury. Did it "hurt so good"? How did you manage getting back on the mat? Let us know in the comments!

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