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Here We Go...

Monday marks the first formal Arnis class I've taught since we shut down our community center program back in Texas about a year and a half ago.

I have my handouts ready, my curriculum ready, my lesson plan is ready. I have sticks and training knives ready.

And WOW, I'm nervous.

Why am I so nervous?

Part of it is performance anxiety. The normal nervousness before a presentation or performance. I'm very lucky in that I really don't experience the severe fear lots of people do before performances or speaking, but I do still get it a little bit.

But that's not the real problem.

I'm hyper-aware that this class, along with the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, are just part of my responsibility to spread my style and represent and teach it well.

That's a big job, when you think about it, especially since the only people who do what Mr. Chick and I do, exactly, within, oh, at least a 500 mile radius of Kansas City are... Mr. Chick and I.

The responsibility is a little... overwhelming... at times.

I also have to make sure our students enjoy what we are doing in class. I want them leaving every time happy with what they've learned, excited about practicing outside of class. It's a one day a week class so they will have to practice outside class, so I want them motivated to do it.

I want to foster a whole new batch of Arnis-playing martial arts lifers.

I want them to like the smell of burning rattan as much as I do.

Admittedly, I might like it a little TOO much.

That's what's keeping me awake at night - the responsibility and the passion for my students to really enjoy what we do. My brain is going 10,000 miles an hour and I just want Monday to GET HERE ALREADY.

But I'll wait until then. No choice, right?

In the mean time... maybe I need to review my curriculum notes and lesson plans one more time...?


If you're a martial arts instructor, tell me about a time where you had to take on a role like this. What helped you through it? What pitfalls should I look out for? Let us know in the comments!

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Sep 06, 2019

I appreciate the nervousness and understand it completely! But also, don't put too much pressure on yourself either. While you're the only people in the area that can represent your style, you know as I do that you can't show people everything you know in one class. And in the end, that's all it is... one class. Just do what you do and if you can convey to them your love and passion for the art, I think that makes more of a difference than trying to uphold the honor of a tradition.

You've got this!


Sep 04, 2019

I understand the nervousness. Last year we moved to a more remote area; not a lot of opportunities for FMA training. I’m dealing with nerves and feelings of inadequacy about starting classes down here (Inosanto/Lacoste blend). Was ok teaching at my old school but that was under the umbrella of my instructor.

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