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Brain Gooder Strikes Again

It's Day 3 of Modern Arnis Unity Camp a few years ago.

It's our last session, covering some interesting material involving knife defenses.  Our instructor, Jaye Spiro, demonstrates a technique, and we pair up.

This is classical stuff.  I recognize some of it, but the approach is somewhat new to me (as most of my knife work tends to come to me via Hock Hochheim's material).

I look at my partner and...

My brain stops working.

Oh, it's still keeping me alive, of course, but my brain decides that the input limit has now been reached.  It's decided I'm going to look stupidly at my partner and refuse to allow my hands and feet move the way I want them to move. It's locked up, like a car engine without oil.

Me: "Come on, brain, let's do this technique"


Me: "Wait, what?  It's the last session, and you know some of this already. It should be easy!  Let's do this."

Brain: "Naaaaaah.  Don't wanna."

Me:  "Look, you, I'm in charge, and I want to do this."

Brain: "Don't care.  Look, after the ropes course, and a couple of days of all this information coming in for hours and hours, I'm just done.  We've been working hard nonstop and we haven't slept enough."

Me: "It's just one more session!  After this, we're done, we can take pictures, hug people, exchange contact information, and start the drive back home."

Brain: "Nope.  I think I want you to look like a complete idiot for the last session of this camp.  You are going to fumble around for the rest of today.  You're going to stand still with your mouth slightly open and stare at things.  In fact, this is how we're going to operate for the rest of today:

Me: "Thanks a lot, brain."

Brain:  "I'll make you a deal. I'll start remembering all this stuff you've learned in the middle of the night tonight while you're trying to get some sleep on day 1 of a 1200 mile, 3-day drive across the country.  I'll wake you up so you can listen to the loud hotel air conditioning while I do it."

Me; "Gee, thanks."

Brain:  "No problem.  It's what I do."

Tell us about a time in training when your martial arts brain decided to be a scumbag and freeze up! Did you ever reach a point in a session where you just couldn't brain good any more? Let us know about it!

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