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Big Announcement!

VERY long time readers of this blog recall that Mr. Chick and I ran a community center martial arts program when we were in Texas, for about 2-1/2 years, called Mid-Cities Arnis. We had to shutter that program as we moved to Kansas City in 2018.

Immediately upon moving to Kansas City (literally within days), we started a Meetup, mainly to keep ourselves training, but also to recruit students, with the idea that eventually, maybe we'd have a formal program again.

We've managed to attract a small consistent training group on a weekly basis to the Meetup over the past three years, without much marketing to speak of, and limited only to adults. Through our Texas martial arts connections, we have had an Arnis class running for two years at a martial arts school about 30 minutes from us, at Elite Dragon Martial Arts.

These have been fantastic to run, and we've really enjoyed it. We've met a lot of fantastic people, gained a few students, and had a lot of fun.

We have always had an intention to do more, someday. To have our own training space, to expand our programs... to teach a larger group of people. To really do our part to spread our style and what we've learned from our teachers.

That day has come.

Starting in September 2021, we are opening our own stand-alone school teaching Presas Arnis and Force Necessary in Gladstone, MO.

Yes, Missouri. Kansas City is in MISSOURI.


I know, starting a martial arts school is the midst of a pandemic, when so many other schools are closing, in a location where we have to pay insurance and rent and all the stuff that goes with a school, seems kinda risky.

But commercial real estate rentals are pretty inexpensive right now where I live, we found a really great location in the right place in my town where we have little to no competition, and it's literally walking distance from my house.

My town and county has done pretty well overall in terms of the pandemic - fewer cases and fewer deaths, even though we are in the metro of a major city.

With a lot of hard work, and savings, and the relationships we've built via the Meetup, and real estate rentals so inexpensive - now's the time.

Our school, Kindred Protective Arts, will teach a full traditional martial arts curriculum to kids and adults, and it will be one of the few in the United States that teaches primarily Filipino Martial Arts.

As you can imagine, I'm equal parts totally beside myself with excitement, and terrified out of my mind.

Committing to a long - several years - contract where I have to pay for this place pretty much no matter what is VERY SCARY. Even though both Mr. Chick and I are working regular jobs as well as opening the school, and we can cover it if we need to, it's still a pretty daunting task.

But there's never going to be a perfect time, or a perfect place, or a situation where there will be no risk involved.

Kindred Protective Arts is going to become a real THING.

If you're in the area, we're happy to have visitors, come on by. Our training schedule is going to be on our website once the lease is signed (and please do check out our newly re-designed website: Kindred Protective Arts).

If you're in Kansas City, or know someone here, and they're interested in training in the Filipino Martial Arts, now you know where to send them!

I'm going to be crazy busy, with working a regular day job, running the school, and writing this blog.

But it will be a happy busy!

I want to publicly thank all of our martial arts friends and family who have helped us out as I've been spinning this up. I've gotten really great advice and a lot of practical assistance from people all over the world.

I can't tell you how much that means to me, to know that I have so many people on my side and backing me up.

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27. Aug. 2021

That's HUGE and amazing news! I'm so happy for you and I know you'll be successful!

Gefällt mir
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