Martial Arts Blogs

BUT STICK CHICKIE, HOW DO YOU KEEP UP ON ALL THESE BLOGS?! Simple, my friend - I use the Pulse app (Android and iOS) and Feedly (Android and iOS).  Only a few of these can't be followed in either of those two applications.  If you have another app you like, let me know, and I'll add it here.

KEEP AN EYE ON THIS SPACE - as I find more to recommend, I'll add them!


Karate By Jesse - the definitive karate blog on the internet.  Jesse is a great writer, and has amazing insight not only into karate but the martial arts in general.  Highly recommended!

Chiron - Rory Miller's blog.  Rory is the author of one of my favorite books on the martial arts (well, the mindset of violence, anyway) - "Meditations on Violence".

Sensei Ando - by +Ando Mierzwa.  Great observations on a number of topics in the martial arts, as well as personal development.  Sensei Ando also has a podcast.

The Martial Arts Woman - by +Andrea Harkins.  Perspectives from a fellow female martial artist, as well as general martial arts topics.

Martial Thoughts -by +J Wilson.  Well written thoughts about the martial arts and training.  There's also a podcast!

The Instinctive Edge  - by Brian Van Cise.  He posts some great videos of the FMA's.

Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts  - by +Brian Johns of +Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts Centre Ltd.  Modern Arnis from a 5th Degree Black Belt in my favorite martial art.

Don Roley's Rantings and Ravings - from Don Roley of Colorado Springs Ninjutsu.  Don is a frequent writer on the topic of fraud in the martial arts, especially in his own art (he is a member of the Bujinkan), and I've cross posted his content here on my blog.

MacYoung's Musings  - by Marc MacYoung.  Marc is a well recognized expert on self defense and the reality versus the dojo.  Worthwhile to add to your reading list.  He sporadically updates but when he does, it's worth your time.

Martial Arts Antics - by +Torbjorn Arntsen. Torbjorn frequently posts snippets related to fraud, crime, and general martial arts buffoonery.

Stickgrappler's Sojourn of Septillion Steps - by "Stick Grappler".  Lots of good stuff here, including martial arts culture, video, and more!

Sword and Circle - by Maija.  Escrima and much more, including perspectives on mechanics.

The Budo Bum - by Peter Boylan.  My JMA friends would love this blog - Judo, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, Shinto Muso Ryu, and Shinto Hatakage Ryu.

The Way of Least Resistance - by +Dan Djurdjevic.  Martial arts mechanics, observations on combat, and more!

Wim Demeere's Blog - by +Wim Demeere. Very smart perspectives on self defense and the martial arts.

Secrets of the Filipino Fighting Arts - by  Mustafa Gatdula.  Combatives and training from an FMA perspective.

A Beginner's Journey - by +Joelle White.  Joelle recently returned to karate training after a 27 year break. She's also a martial arts mom. Check her out!

Mae-No-Sen - by +Katy Garden.  Perspectives on Aikido, jiu jitsu, and a few other martial arts topics.

Karate Kickin' Dwarf - Larry's blog about his unique experience as a dwarf studying Shorin-Ryu karate and JuJitsu.

She Kicks She Throws - Sarah Carney's wonderful blog focusing on women and girls in the martial arts.

Georgette's Jiu Jitsu World - Georgette on BJJ and the martial arts world. Insightful!

A Martial Artist - Megan's take on the martial arts.  Megan is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and assistant instructor.

The Deadly Dance - perspectives on the Filipino Martial Arts (and more) from Joy in Manila.


Hidden Sword Martial Arts - my teacher +Mark Lynn's school.  One of the few places in DFW where you can learn Arnis as a full art (versus an add-on).  Also teaches American Karate Tae Kwon Do and Kobudo weapons.

Sensei's Blog - the blog of Keith D. Yates, head of A-KATO, the organization my teacher is affiliated with, and the group I will be training in Kobudo with to earn rank.

Jones Protective Arts - by David Jones.  I first started learning martial arts from him.  He hasn't updated his blog in a while (years, okay), but he's still teaching in Nesbit, MS.

Arnis International - by Bruce Chiu.  David Jones is a black belt in Modern Arnis under Bruce.  We train with his organization at least once a year.


Datu Tim Hartman - by, well, Tim Hartman.  He doesn't update his blog much, preferring to publish a lot more via his YouTube and other channels.

Big Stick Combat - written by Darrin Cook.  FMA's, real life fights, and a lot of very useful and interesting topics about the martial arts and self defense. This one isn't updating but it's still worth a read for the archives.