Friday, September 7, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 09/07/18

Another week gone by ALREADY? Wow!

Short week due to the holiday, but busy, busy.

How was yours?


Despite the potential rain, we had a really great training session at the The Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup.  We reviewed a lot of stuff and did some double stick disarming, which is ALWAYS fun material to work with.

We had a great birthday and holiday weekend and then Wednesday we went to Karate class and worked on Naihanchi Sandan.

I got a little work done (not as much as I'd like) on a new project I'll be sharing with you guys in the next few weeks or so.

Here's me working on a single-stick disarm. We were comparing the different types and how to "dirty up" your disarms.


This week's fresh post was so hard to get done, I ended up publishing it on Thursday vs. Wednesday!

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If you know the creator of this, let me know so I can credit them.  Of all the things I post on Facebook, THIS ONE was one of the most popular.

Y'all are a bunch of weirdos. I love you.

Met a new friend of this blog, Louis Lim, who writes about his martial arts journey at his blog, Stick Fighting Sport.  He wrote about how one of my posts here (this one) changed his thinking and the results of that change. Do bookmark Louis, as there's so few FMA bloggers out there who are active!  Read How Double Stick Training Improved My Dexterity And Body Coordination

And finally, I missed this when it came out, and it had me laughing so hard.  Diemon Dave is a genius, people.  A freakin' genius.

There's TONS on The Stick Chick Blog on Facebook, including a series of videos I've run across lately that feature stick arts of the world (Thai, Maori, Bangladeshi, Haitian...).  DO check those out, it's really fascinating.


We're supposed to get rain, rain, rain here in KC due to the remnants of TS Gordon making its way through.  As we've been in a pretty serious drought, that's good news as long as flooding doesn't get crazy!

And NFL season starts this week.  GO CHIEFS!

Get in lots of good training and have a fantastic weekend, everyone!