Friday, August 17, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 08/17/18

Well, hello, Friday!

I had an awesome week! Hope yours was as good as mine!


My weekend ended up being very different than I'd planned, as I was surprised by my sister coming to visit from Detroit and my mom driving in from St. Louis.  More on that in a moment.

Saturday's session of The Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup was so fun.  We finished off the policing techniques and then we did some of my favorite material, the Dos Manos blocking drill.  I'm ALWAYS up for Dos Manos as it's one of the most practical things we do.

So, since my family from out of town surprised me for my birthday - which was AWESOME - I didn't do any more training that weekend other than the Meetup.

Unless, of course, you count having a surprise party for me at Blade & Timber West Bottoms as "training" (I could make a case).  Friends surprised me there, too, and I spent the evening throwing axes.  You KNOW how fun I thought that was (if you don't, the answer is HELLA INCREDIBLY AWESOMELY FUN).

I did okay.  See?

One of several of my bullseyes of the night

When I cut a cake, I CUT A CAKE.
Monday and Wednesday we went to karate and I started learning my first bo form.  It's cool and while it's not super complicated, there are preferences that are NOT the same way I did bo at AKATO, so I'm working on overriding habits built up over three years there.


Blog posts I wrote and shared via social media this week:

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Never fails.

I am SO TORN about this video.  TORN.  On the one hand, it's nunchaku tricking. On the other hand, it's Master Ken.

And finally...

Image found HERE.

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Older Daughter heads off to Wichita State today to begin her Freshman year of college.

Younger Daughter started 3rd grade.  This video is from our school district and was all over our news this morning. It's pretty cool, but our school is NOT featured as it's not new or just completed renovations.

You guys be good.