Friday, June 29, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 6/29/18

To quote a great modern poet, "It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday".

Another week of training and other martial arts goodness is in the books!

How was your week?


Saturday morning Mr. Chick and I were at the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup.  We worked on a drill from Force Necessary and then related back to other drills we've learned.

My god, we're such martial arts GEEKS.

Sunday morning I "woke up" with a doozy of a migraine headache, so I ended up staying home and sleeping it off instead of going to the Jo meetup as planned.  Stoopid migraines.

Monday and Wednesday we worked on Naihanchi Shodan at our Karate class.  I've got the base framework of the moves down, now I have to spend a lot more time perfecting it. As I'm not super-great at forms, I expect I'll be working on this a looonnggg time.  Having fun with it, though - nice challenging work for my brain.

Again, no new pics of me training this week, so here's an old one from kobudo of me and my friend Tomas working on bo.


It sure is nice to be back in a routine again...

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Happens about half the time, actually. And of course, my answer is yes, yes I can.

Neat video featuring the founder of Kombatan, Ernesto Presas:

Y'know the old saying, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"?  Well, this dude brought a weed whacker to a machete fight.  Didn't turn out good for him: Man brings weed wacker to a machete fight in Buffalo

For years, I've expressed the opinion that the utility of the flying side kick in a fight was dubious at best.  And now I stand corrected: Video shows bystander taking out violent homeless man with impressive flying kick


My home is mostly together now and I'm pretty happy with the results.  Even figured out where the best place is to practice (although it's not as hot here as it was in Fort Worth, it's WAY more humid, and gosh, I'd forgotten how... special... that is.)

Gonna be a long summer, y'all.

Get to work, people! See you on social media and here on the blog next week!