Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 05/12/18

Here's what I did this week in the martial arts - training, writing, and the various stuff I stumbled across.

How was your week?


By necessity, moving is starting to take up a LOT more of my time.  So I don't get to go to class as much as I'd like.

Saturday I covered classes at Hidden Sword - taekwondo, sparring class, and Arnis.  For my last time covering these classes, I did what I love to do (and the students seem to love too) - we hit the bags!

Wednesday I attended class at Hidden Sword and we worked on crossada/gunting drills with double sticks and then with the knife.

Thursday I took Younger Daughter to taekwondo.

No new pics of me training this week. I'm moving, mmmkay?


My brain is more in move mode than writing mode, so there wasn't a ton of fresh content this week, sorry y'all.  It's just gonna be that way for a while.

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Nice article on why adults should consider starting up martial arts training: Five brain-boosting reasons to take up martial arts – at any age

Joelle White posted a really great post that you oughta share with your students: Not Fair!

An interesting take on a machete/knife fight from Spain that's making the rounds (including some nice discussion on the blog's Facebook page): Is Reverse Grip Dangerous?

I'm sure this happens as much as our favorite "nunchaku hit to the head and/or crotch" videos that make the rounds.


Today I attend my last regular Kobudo class in-person.  I'm going to miss the people I've been training with there, big-time.

If you wanna train with yours truly in DFW before I head north, you just HAVE to join me at this AWESOME seminar with GM Shelley Millspaugh.  Deets right HERE.

Have a fantastic Mother's Day weekend!