Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kobudo: Moving On

I attended my last formal Kobudo class in Texas over the weekend.

Our class at our Green Belt test, 2015. I'm in the front row, 2nd from the right.

You might recall I tested for my 1st degree Black Belt last November, and now I'm in the "seniors" class. We've been studying kama, which is a relatively fun and easy weapon for someone who plays Arnis to pick up.

By the way, if you actually hit stuff with your wooden practice kama, be prepared for the blade to come loose or break off. Wood glue is your friend.

And if you aren't hitting stuff, why are you bothering to study a weapon?

We've talked about maybe finding a way for me to keep training with this group long-distance via Skype or something, but from a practical point of view, if I want to continue my studies, I have to find some new people to train with in Kansas City.

I've already started that process, as I've reached out to a few people with the plan to meet up and discuss things when I get settled.  I'm excited about the possibilities in front of me.

I remember how terrified I was of starting that class.  Worried about the etiquette, worried about fitting in as an Arnis player in a room full of taekwondo and karate black belts.

Of course, those worries were kind of silly.  Today, I'm a part of the group, and even though I'm moving away, I'll always be a part of the group.

I'm grateful to my teachers and to my classmates at AKATO.  I'm going to miss them a lot.

Our class at our Black Belt test, 2017.

Have you made a transition from one school to another?  What was that like? What were your fears that ended up to be unfounded or actually ended up to be true?  Let us know in the comments!