Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 04/28/18

Happy Saturday!  Here's what I did in the martial arts - training, writing, and the various stuff I stumbled across - this week.

How was your week?


When I'm not sick, I get to have a normal week!

Saturday was a "normal" day. Got in a little kobudo practice and then I attended our normal Arnis class.  In the afternoon, Older Daughter slapped on her Black Belt and helped our teacher and I with a rank promotion test for the TKD students (hey, I'm not a TKD black belt but I've seen SO MUCH OF IT given everyone around me trains in it I know what to look for).  Good day, and overall the kids did great for their rank promotion test.

Monday Arnis at Hidden Sword, Tuesday I took Younger Daughter to TKD, Wednesday more Arnis goodness at Hidden Sword, Thursday was again Younger Daughter's TKD class.

Friday I took Younger Daughter to see "Isle of Dogs".  Good movie; I recommend it.


Full week of posting goodness, y'all!

The Stick Chick Blog  is a multi-channel social media martial arts juggernaut. You can find us on  Google PlusFacebookMeWeTumblr, and Twitter. I would add that MeWe allows a black belt, a knife, and crossed swords as reactions to posts soooooo... get over there, y'all!


True story. My first martial arts school and style - PaSaRyu Taekwondo - is the style created by Kang Rhee, one of the people in Memphis that Elvis Presley trained with.  Our dojo had a big picture of the two of them together.  Also, as a kid, Elvis was alive and used to ride his motorcycle through the apartment complex we lived in.

I am a big fan of Operation Blazing Sword.  It is a program to connect firearm instructors with folks in the LGBTQ community so people can get trained to defend themselves (for free, even!).  I think it's an excellent idea.  Learn more HERE.

Nice, thoughtful post by Joelle White: Accessibility


Today I have some kobudo practice and Arnis.  Tomorrow, I'll be attending a Dan Anderson Modern Arnis seminar our school is hosting - it's gonna ROCK so y'all come out if you're in the neighborhood (event and details found HERE).

Train hard and have a great week!