Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Week in Stick Chicktivity - 04/21/18

Another week in the books!  Here's what I did in the martial arts - training, writing, and the various stuff I stumbled across.

How was your week?


Saturday I attended Arnis class and then I went to my second-to-last Kobudo class.  We worked on learning our Kama Ichi form, then we seniors (and yeah, it still weirds me out that I'm a "senior" in there) helped out the juniors with Bo Ichi.

Sunday night I started getting a really bad migraine episode (that hit really hard Monday mid-morning) and it knocked me out of work and training and writing and most everything, really, until Thursday. So that was fun.

Thursday I took Younger Daughter to taekwondo.

So basically, training-wise, it was crazy light due to my brain deciding to no work more gooder.

That's me, in the foreground. There's a part in the form where we change to reverse grip
and I was trying to figure that bad boy out.

Because of the stoopid migraine, not much fresh content on the blog this week. Sorry, y'all.

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Any week with a fresh video from Master Ken is a good week.

Reasons fooling around with a live blade is SERIOUS BUSINESS (no matter what they show you on television or in movies), example 442:


Today is a "normal" training day - kobudo practice and Arnis.  Our school is also doing a taekwondo rank promotion today, so I'll stick around to help out.

Hope your week was awesome, and have a great weekend.  See you Monday, as long as my brain decides not to be a jerk.